History and Information

History of Nepal Medical Council (NMC): The initiation for establishment of Nepal Medical Council was carried out by Nepal Medical Association during its first National conference in 1963 AD. This conference passed a resolution and recommended to then His Majesty's Government to establish Nepal Medical Council under an Act of Nepal Medical Council, which came into reality on 16th Falgun, 2020 BS (28th Feb, 1964 AD). Although Nepal Medical Council was established on due legal ground, it was still nonfunctioning due to the lack of Rule, Regulations/By Laws as per NMC Act. On 28th Bhadra, 2022 BS (13th Sept. 1965), it was published in Nepal Gazette for the first time. In its notification regarding Nepal Medical Council, it stated that under the power delegated by Sub-clause-III of Clause-1 of NMC Act, His Majesty's Government has enforced 13 different Clauses. On 27th Jestha, 2023 BS (9th June, 1966) rest of all Clauses of NMC Act were also enforced except Clause 26. It was also enforced latter on, on 20th Ashad, 2034 BS (4th July, 1977) but only for Kathmandu and Biratnagar.

Regular function of NMC was started only after approval of "NMC-Rules" which was approved by His Majesty's Government on 17th Poush, 2024 BS (1st Jan 1968). Initially executive members of NMC were consisting of only nine and Director of Health Services was the ex-officio Chairman of the Council. The first amendment of NMC Act came into force on 9th Ashwin, 2044 BS (25th Sept 1987) in which the number of executive members of NMC was increased from nine to seventeen. Likewise second and third amendment of NMC Act came into effect on 27th Ashad, 2047 BS (13th October, 1997) and 2nd Baisakh, 2056 BS (15th April, 1998) respectively. Third amendment again increased the number of executive number of NMC from seventeen to twenty five. Immediately after two years of third amendment i.e. on 6th Bhadra, 2058 BS (22nd August, 2001), fourth amendment of NMC Act was made on the name of "Health Related Some Nepal Act Amendment Act- 2058" in which again total number of executive members reduced from twenty five to nineteen, which remains the same till date.

The major functions of Nepal Medical Council, as per NMC Act are:

1) Quality control of Medical Education of the country

2) Quality control of Health Services of the Country

3) Establish Ethical Health Care Practice

4) Establish Standardization of Medical Practice

5) Disciplinary action for breaching the Ethical/Standard Health Care Practice There is provision of one Registrar who is nominated by Govt. of Nepal for the execution of decision of Nepal Medical Council as well as implementation of all activities laid down by the Act/Rules/Regulations of NMC. So far till 31st December, 2022 altogether 32218 doctors are registerd in NMC among them 27805 are Medical doctors, 4413 are Dental doctos and 10080 are Specialist/Sub-specialist doctors. Composition of Nepal Medical Council. Presently Nepal Medical Council is composed of nineteen members who are representing from:

Composition of Nepal Medical Council:- (Duration 4 years)

CHAIRMAN : One person nominated by Government of Nepal, from amongst doctors having a min. 20 yrs. Experience as registered doctors with master degree in medical science.

VICE-CHAIRMAN : One person elected form amongst registered medical doctor with min. 15 Yrs. Experience working as registered doctor.

MEMBERS: (Total Number 17)

* Chairman, Nepal Medical Association.

* One person nominated by Government of Nepal, from amongst the Dean or rectors of the medical colleges or health science academy.

* One person nominated by Government of Nepal, from amongst consumer.

* Eight persons elected form amongst the registered doctors.

* Chairman, Nepal Dental  Association.

* Three person nominated by Government of Nepal form amongst medical doctors with min. master degree.

* Two persons nominated by Government of Nepal, form amongst dental doctors with min. master degree.

REGISTRAR: One person nominated by Government of Nepal for the post of registrar.