Instruction for Medical/dental practioners

Instructions for Consultancies

It’s an individual right of a candidate to get enrolled in a particular college/institution/university. He/She can join a college/University as per his qualifications, eligibility, needs, choice and financial status. In this regard, the individual can seek help of career counselor, advisor, or even consultancies.

Educational consultancies are having a vital role in carrier guidance and helping students to join universities abroad for several of reasons. There are various consultancies working in Nepal serving for the purpose of helping students to find a proper guidance, carrier pathway and proper learning destination in hope of a bright future. NMC acknowledges the right serving consultancies as per their objectives.

However, several complaints has been lodged verbally/written against consultancies regarding misconducts and misguidance for personal benefits. Different government bodies are investigating and we hope the culprits will be under legal action soon.

NMC request all the concerned consultancies involved in helping students pursuing Medical/Dental degrees to be aware of NMC rules for sending students abroad. It may be goodwill/income/public servings for you but if there is negligence/ill intention from your part the candidate will be suffered throughout his future.

Please get proper information for council before you counsel a candidate. If you can’t do good, please do no harm.

Nepal Medical council won’t be liable to register the candidates who docent meet the eligibility requirement and goes according to your advices only. Please see the eligibility requirements and be well informed before you counsel a career seeking teenage.

( Eligibility requirement for UG and PG)



Foreign Universities

Nepal Medical Council recognizes degrees from several universities globally, provided if its recognized by the governing authority of that particular country. However, NMC reserves the rights for derecognization of the college/university based upon the complaints, facts, and as of the inspectional reports status of college/institution/universities,(by the concerned council/ government authority) and  as per instructions authorities of Nepal government and failing to fulfill NMC minimum standard accreditation standards 2017.

Nepal medical council has a provision of giving good standing certificate for the Nepali/Foreign doctors working in Nepal for Temporary/Permanent basis. All the Universities are requested to ask for a good standing certificate from NMC before they enroll/appoint/recruit any specialist registered here.

Please make sure that your faculties/experts visiting Nepal for academic / clinical /research/volunteers  are registered in Nepal Medical council before indulging in any clinical /academic activities. All the foreign doctors, who work as a faculty in medical college or private hospitals for more than six months needs to get a good standing certificate from Nepal Medical council before they return to their home country.

Any foreign doctor found involved in clinical /academic/volunteer activities without registration will be penalized as per NMC act. Please see our information’s on foreign national doctors section for further information’s.