Nepalese Laws Relevant To Physicians

Nepalese Laws Relevant to Physician

1. Civil Penal Code (Muluki Ain) (1963/64)
2. Police Act 2012 B.S. (1956)
3. Prison Act 2019 B.S. (1963)
4. Nepal Medical Council Act, 2020 B.S. First Ammendments 2044 B.S., Second Ammendments     2047 B. S., Third Ammendments 2056 B.S.
5. Evidence Act, 2031 B.S.
6. Drug Abuse Control Act., 2033 B.S. (1976)
7. Drug Act & Regulation, 2035 B.S. (1978)
8. Disable protection & welfare Act 2039 B.S.
9. Disaster Relief Act 2039 B.S.
10. Ayurvedic Medicine Council Act, 2047 B.S.
11. Nepal Health Research Council Act, 2047 B.S.
12. Children Act 2048 B.S.
13. Government Prosecution Related Act 2049 B.S.
14. Vehicle & Transport Act, 2053 B.S.
15. Nepal Nursing Council Act, 2053 B.S.
16. Nepal Health Professionals Council Act, 2053 B.S.
17. Medicine Act, 2053 B.S.
18. Compensation for Torture Act, 2053 B.S.
19. Consumer Protection Act, 2053 B.S. (1997)
20. Nepal Health Services Act, 2053 B.S. and the Regulations 2055B.S.
21. Iodised Salt Act, 2055 B.S.
22. Human Organs Transplantation Act, 2055 B.S.
23. Breast Milk Substitutes Marketing Control Act, 2055 B.S.
24. Nepal Pharmacy Council Act, 2057 B.S.

Chairman's Message

Nepal Medical Council was established in 2020 (1964), by the act No: 35 and in exercise of the powers, conferred by Nepal Medical Council act, Government of Nepal had framed its rules in the same year. In 2024(1968), Government of Nepal declared the regulations of Nepal Medical Council by publishing in “Nepal Gazette”. Till date there were four amendments of Nepal Medical Council act, as per changing trend of medical education and medical services throughout the world including Nepal and the last amendment was held in 2057(2001).

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